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Q & A


Q. What does it taste like?


The sour type does not contain any sweeteners, so it has the original scent and taste of lactic acid bacteria.

The sweetening type is sweetened with oligosaccharides and molasses, so you can enjoy the natural sweetness.

Q. There are precipitate and suspended matter, is there any problem?


Precipitate and suspended matter derived from lactic acid bacteria may occur, but there is no problem with quality, so please enjoy with confidence. Also, shake well just before drinking before drinking. However, regarding the change after opening, there is a possibility that bacteria in the air have been mixed, so please refrain from drinking in that case.

Q. How should I save it?


If unopened, store at room temperature, and after opening, put in the refrigerator and please drink as soon as possible.

Q. How much should I drink in a day?


This product is a health food, so there are no particular rules.

If you transfer it to a cup, etc., you can drink the 60 ml product in two divided doses.

Q. When should I drink?


Since this product is a health food, there are no rules on how to drink it.

However, since the sour type has a strong sour taste, some people may feel an upset stomach on an empty stomach, so we recommend after eating.

Q. Can I dilute and drink?


There is no problem if you dilute it with water and consume it. Especially in the case of the sour type, you can enjoy it even more delicious if you dilute it with apple juice or orange juice. However, please dilute just before drinking.

Q. Platinum is a metal, is there any problem with the human body?


Platinum nanocolloids contain ingredients that are safe to ingest by the human body.

It has been tested for toxicity, so please enjoy it with confidence.

Q. I'm pregnant, is it okay to drink?


Since it is a lactic acid bacteria drink, there is basically no problem.

Platinum is a food additive recognized by the country, and since platinum contained in POPAN has been tested for toxicity, it has been proven to have no effect on the human body. On the other hand, not all the mechanisms of human organisms have been clarified, so those who are concerned are recommended to use platinum-free ones.

If you have any health concerns or dietary restrictions, be sure to consult your doctor before taking.

Q. How much should I drink to feel the changes in my body?


Since the environment of the body varies from person to person, so it is not possible to show it in a general way, It takes at least six months to improving  the intestinal environment from the root. Please listen carefully to your body.

Q. Why is it expensive compared to general lactic acid bacteria drinks?


This product is a beverage that works directly in the body using "lactic acid bacteria-producing substances" that are substances produced by lactic acid bacteria. Therefore, it takes about one year to manufacture such as culture and aging.

Furthermore, because it is manufactured from carefully selected ingredients without using flavorings or preservatives, it is more expensive than general lactic acid bacteria beverages and supplements.

Q. Does drinking POPAN make loose stomach?


Depending on your constitution, you may feel sick at the beginning of drinking.

It may be a means to get rid of bad things from the body, and it is often transient.

If you continue chronically or if it does not fit your body, we recommend that you consult your doctor before taking.

We hope that you will be able to judge the compatibility with POPAN from a long-term perspective, not just once.

Q. Is there anything I should be careful about when storing?


If you put an acidic drink such as a lactic acid drink in a metal container, the metal may dissolve in the drink and cause poisoning.

Carefully check the precautionary statements for containers such as kettles and water bottles.

When using a metal container, be sure to check the inside of the container for rust, etc., and avoid storing it for a long time.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us from the following.

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