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Health drink ″POPAN″ containing lactic acid bacteria-producing substances



Recently, we often hear "lactic acid bacteria producing substances". "Is it different from lactobacillus?" ーーI'm sure there are many people who have such questions. Do you know what ″lactic acid bacteria producing substances″ are?

Lactic acid bacteria producing material is a substance produced by lactic acid bacteria, as a name. In fact, humans are utilized "lactic acid bacteria producing material" produced by lactic acid bacteria. Among lactic acid bacteria, bacteria insufficient in my intestine and the bacteria ingested from outside are said to not be fixed in the body. Even if you incorporate bacteria that are good for the body, you may not be able to work well unless they are compatible with the human intestinal environment.

Lactic acid bacteria producing substances are relatively strong against gastric acid and other and work to direct to the intestine. In addition, it is hard to be influenced by the intestinal environment, and it is attracting a lot of attention now because it can satisfy more people.

Lactic acid bacteria producing substances contains many ingredients happy to our body, such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals. Why don't you balance your body and live a healthy life with POPAN?

02 徹底的にこだわった品質


03 1年かけて丁寧に製造


We put the body first and do not use artificial sweeteners, flavorings, preservatives, etc. at all.

All raw materials are domestically produced, and all products are manufactured in Japan, including packaging, and shipping.

It can be drunk by a wide range of generations, from children to the elderly.


Origin of POPAN name

Popan's godfather is a 3-year-old girl who is the president's niece.

When I asked her to say "Try to say lactic acid bacteria", it is the origin of the company name and product name that I answered  in good heart "Popan!".

Future POPAN

​In recent years, research on intestinal bacteria has progressed dramatically, and new things are being discovered one after another. Still, there are still many things that have not been clarified about the intestinal bacteria.


On the other hand, in order for us to live healthily, the intestinal environment remains important.

I would like everyone to drink POPAN. And I want you to spread it to children and grandchildren. POPAN wants to be indispensable for maintaining the health of everyone.

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