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Thoughts on POPAN

Thank you for visiting the homepage of POPAN Co., Ltd. from many health food companies.

Currently, the intestinal activity has become widely well known, but when it's not as noisy as now, I was studying the intestinal environment at a graduate school.

Under the theme of "Common Antigen Analysis of Intestinal Bacteria Recognized by Intestinal IgA Antibodies," I participated in international conferences in various countries and interacted with researchers from all over the world.

We hope that the importance of the intestinal environment will spread more in the future.

POPAN, loved at the drugstore of my parents' house, to more people

POPAN is a health drink that was originally popular at the drugstore that was founded 70 years ago. It is loved by many people, including those who thought it was impossible and those who were not satisfied with whatever they did.

I wanted people to take in the very beloved POPAN from a young and healthy age, but drugstores tend to have the impression that it is difficult to enter.

We have started selling online to increase the chances of getting to know POPAN.

For healthy people, it seems that there are few people who feel a great awareness.

However, continuing to take in things that are really good for your body will definitely lead to a healthy self in the future.

I hope you will continue to do so for your future self.



❶2013 日本免疫学会Tadamitsu Kishimoto International Travel Award for the 15th ICI
❷2015 第38回日本分子生物学会年会、第88回日本生化学学会大会合同大会若手優秀発表賞
❸2015 第64回日本生化学会近畿支部例会優秀発表賞










To live a healthy life in the present age
POPAN that children can drink

IIn this day and age, things are easy to get and eat, but newly created food additives by humans can have a negative impact on the intestinal environment. As a result, the current situation is that the environment inside the body is disturbed.


It is said that the child who is born will inherit the mother's intestinal environment, and health problems due to the tousled bacterial flora are becoming more serious every year.


In addition, nowadays, alcohol and disinfectant sheets are used for everything for children.

I hope that the internal environment of children and mothers living in such a modern age will be improved.


The orthodox sour type does not contain sweeteners and you can enjoy the original taste of lactic acid bacteria. The sweetness type is the natural sweetness of oligosaccharides and molasses, pursuing ease of drinking. Of course, no preservatives or flavors are used, so you can enjoy it with confidence.


I would like it to be taken by pregnant women who want to improve the intestinal environment of their babies even before they are born, and those who are about to give birth.

POPAN to support women who work hard and improve themselves

Another product is POPAN, which contains platinum nanocolloids.


A woman who works hard while struggling with hormonal imbalances and is exposed to social stress, which is still difficult to say about gender equality.


In addition, although the number of people who work hard to polish themselves at the personal training gym has increased, troubles caused by active oxygen generated by exercise and disturbance of the intestinal environment due to a protein-based diet are becoming more serious.


Therefore, we added platinum nanocolloid with strong reducing power to POPAN, and added it to the intestinal activity with one cup, and finished it so that we can aim to make a body that is not defeated by the environment.


We aimed for such a lactic acid bacteria drink that pushes the back of women living in the present age.

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